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DLZ Design is a SEO agency with a proven record of helping businesses in Rugby and across the Midlands to achieve Google dominance!

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Make your website work hard for you: boost your ranking on search engines and broaden your exposure on the internet for your business in Rugby. More visitors to your website will be converted into customers and that’s without you having to do anything!

SEO is an investment, with the aim of growing your business by bringing work to you. If you are looking for a cheap fix, then take a look elsewhere. We are experts at targeted campaigns, with growth and result as the ultimate goals. We are proactive, data driven and efficient, meaning that our SEO packages are affordable for every business who is looking to invest.

  • Have you tried to improve your search rankings before, either in-house or outsourced, but been unhappy with the results the SEO company or digital agency have achieved?
  • Do you already advertise locally, in The Rugby Advertiser or one of one the local radio channels, but want to see more results from an internet marketing investment?
  • Or are you just starting out and want to make an impact with your digital marketing as you promote your business online to get more business in Leicestershire?

These are the circumstances of just a few of the clients who have joined us recently – they wanted to work with a high quality search engine optimisation company and maximise on the Rugby SEO services we offer.


So what makes DLZdesign stand out from the rest of the SEO companies in Rugby (Warwickshire) area?

  • There’s no quick fix: we build long-lasting relationships with our SEO clients and only work with businesses who have long term goals and are expecting a good return on investment (ROI). We expect to start seeing results after month three, and by month six we expect to see significant results. These foundations provide a much more stable base for consistent growth, and therefore are a much smarter way to invest money.
  • All of our SEO campaigns are planned around the company’s growth goals and are our strategies are proactive to ensure the best results for every type of business. We are driven to produce more sales, conversions and genuine traffic for your business.
  • We know web design and search engine optimisation inside out. Our background in web design and development means that we follow best practice guidelines, and can tie in all your current marketing and advertising strategies, resulting in better results for the business.
  • We work with companies all over the UK, including in Coventry and Rugby

Online Marketing Services

These days, to get maximum results from your online marketing, there are many elements which need to be addressed for maximum impact. These include technical restructuring of the website to ensure best practice guidelines are being addressed, branding and PR to establish the authority of the business, social media and email campaigns to reach out to potential new clients, and of course both on-page and off-page optimisation of all of this to ensure it fares well in search engine rankings.

Often we are able to turnaround an under performing site, rather than have to start afresh with a new one. This saves time and money for the business, allowing the money which had been sidelined for a new website to be invested straight away into a SEO campaign.

I want to invest in my online marketing for my Rugby business, and I want my website to work harder for me. What do I need to do now?

  • First we like to get to know your business: find out how it got to where it is now, where you want it to go, what are your business goals.
  • We conduct a thorough audit of your current website and SEO provision, and come up with a targeted plan of how to beat your competitors. We will come back to you with a proposal with two package options.
  • We’ll send it over for you to make it official
  • Moving forward, we will communicate regularly with you to discuss progress, and constantly evaluate the success of the campaign to see where adjustments need to be made.

This all sounds great…but what does an SEO expert actually do?

Unfortunately, search engine optimisation is starting to get bad press for being a large expense that businesses are paying out for and not seeing any results. We are different to that.

Essentially, google and other search engines want to give the user the answers to their questions. And we, as SEO managers, want your business to be the answer! Successful SEO marketing is about boosting the authority of your website to present you as experts in your field. We want your target client to find you, and the process behind that is everything we do as part of our SEO. This includes:

  • Giving reasons and explanations behind all elements of the strategy before implementing
  • In-depth website analysis to discover areas of strength and development, and then converting this information into the seo strategy.
  • Flexibility to grow and diversify as your business does: if you take a change of tack, we are ready to adjust the campaign accordingly and provide optimised content for the website when required.
  • Giving our clients access to the reports our tools generate, to share successes and identify which elements need adjusting.
  • Competitor analysis: the ultimate aim of any SEO campaign should be to dominate your competitors, so we keep a close eye on their digital marketing to stay one step ahead.
  • Slow and steady wins the race: our ethical search engine strategies avoid penalties and aim to for long lasting improvements and long term growth.

If you are looking to promote your website in order to bring in more business by boosting your online exposure in Rugby or the Warwickshire area, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

But in the digital world we live in, SEO doesn’t just need to be local. We are proud of our results and are not limited to the local area. So if you have a nationwide UK SEO campaign that needs addressing, we would love to have a look over it for you and see what we could bring to the table.

Send us an email here or why not fill out our quick questionnaire here so we can get the ball rolling!

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