Small Business Website Design

You have the idea, now you need to find a small business web design specialist.

Coming up with the next big idea to make your fortune is sometimes the easy part, but finding a small business website design specialist can be tricky. It is easy to find amazing web design companies who work with huge corporate companies, with even larger marketing budgets, but when you find small web designers, are they able or prepared to give you the result you are searching for?

At DLZ Design, we work with a diverse range of businesses, including lots of start ups and small businesses to provide them with web designs and marketing to help get their businesses really firing on all cylinders.

How much does a small business website cost?

We like to create long term relationships with our small business clients. We know that if you have a great business idea, and you are prepared to work hard, we have the skills to back you up and help your business to grow. Your goals are important to us, as we personally invest in your ideas and want you to expand. We have therefore created a small business package which we think will be a perfect fit for serious business owners even on the smallest budgets.

Our small business websites are built to modern standards. So if you are looking for a fully responsive, great looking business website which will help potential customers to not only find you, but also convert them into paying customers, you are in the right place!

Each business is different, and we always advise on the best solution which, based on our experience, will give you the best return on your investment. We sometimes have small businesses who want to hit the ground running with one of our bespoke website packages, which is great if you want special functionality or some high end design features. However, we have the experience and skills to help with all of your requirements, no matter how simple or complex your site needs to be, but also the honesty to tell you if something give value to your small business website design.

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Does Your Small Business Already Have a Website?

It is an unfortunate part of working in the web design industry that we speak to lots of small business owners who already have websites which aren’t performing for them, or are simply so poor that they are embarrassed of them. There is absolutely no reason that just because you are a small business or start up that you can’t have a website to be proud of. In nearly all industries a website should be a central part of your marketing strategy. I am yet to see any example of a business who doesn’t benefit from a quality website design.

How Can I Find An Affordable Web Designer For Small Business?

It is often the case that a bad experience can make you extremely wary of investing more money into something which has failed before. However the golden rule of finding a good webdesigner is looking at portfolios. It is important to remember that some web designers only display their best work though, so make sure that you also check reviews and not just the ones they add to their website. Take a look at their Facebook and Google reviews. The next step would be to actually make contact with some of the business owners who have worked with them before. After all, a good website isn’t determined by what it looks like. The site needs to meet the goals which the owner set for it. That could be pulling in new business from new customers through ranking on Google, or it could simply be to act as a backup for other marketing and create trust. When speaking to those businesses, don’t be afraid to ask them if their website is performing in those areas. If they don’t know, it probably isn’t!

As you are on this website, and have read down to here, you probably want to see some of our past small business websites, so here are a few. Or you can check out the Our Work section.

Does my web designer need to be local?


This is a question that we get asked a lot. We are web designers in Leicester, or more precisely Ashby de la Zouch. We have clients who like to meet with us, and many who don’t feel that they need to. We help small businesses in Scotland, and also London and are always available for all clients by phone or email, so would say that as long as the web designer is a good fit for your business, the location really doesn’t matter.

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