DLZ Design was founded in 2003 by Danny Page as a freelance web design business which mainly offered small brochure style sites for local businesses. Since then DLZ has evolved into a full service marketing agency which deals with businesses all over the Midlands and beyond. We still deal with lots of local businesses too so don’t be put off!

Why Choose DLZ Design

Since we started off we have gained valuable experience in the world of web development and marketing. DLZ Design has helped launch countless brands and businesses as well as improving the fortunes of many more.

We won’t bamboozle you with web design terminology, we prefer a down to earth chat to get the details of your business or idea. We want you to feel at ease and free to ask any questions you may have about the process.

Most of all, we want you to be confident that the money you invest in your marketing with us, will be returned through your business revenue and profits. If we think something needs changing, we aren’t afraid to let you know and help guide you through.

What Can DLZ Do For You?

If you have a requirement which you don’t think we can help with, give us a try, we might surprise you! We pride ourselves in being able to offer a huge range of services, from budget website services, to full blown custom applications for big business!

Do I Have To Arrange A Meeting?

We know our clients are very busy, so are we! It can often be hard to fit meetings in, that is why we are happy working remotely. Clients often want to make initial contact by phone, then email for the finer details. We are happy to work around you, whether it be later night or weekend meetings or calls it is fine with us!