SEO Derby

If you are Looking for AN SEO Company In Derby which targets profit, not just visitors, read on…

Web Site SEO Audit

If you have a site created by us, or elsewhere we will give it a full audit to discover what the site needs to tick Google’s boxes.

Keyword discovery

A full analysis of your market will allow us to optimise your campaign to target the most profitable keywords.

Optimise Conversion

Getting visitors to your site is only half the battle. They then need to purchase or contact you to make the whole process worthwhile!


SEO is an ongoing process. Once rankings start to improve it is important to not only maintain them, but constantly improve.

Free Website SEO Audit

We are an Affordable derby SEO Company, which helps your website to deliver paying customers, every day!


We don’t buy into dazzling our clients with graphs showing how many visitors our client websites get. That isn’t, or shouldn’t be the end goal of an SEO campaign. We believe that the end goal should be conversions, and profitable conversions at that. There is absolutely no point in having thousands of daily visitors to your site if they aren’t buying, or have been brought to the site under false pretenses!

Although we are based in the Midlands, just outside Derby, we work with clients across the UK and beyond. But as some of our team are Derby born and bred, we like to think of ourselves as an SEO company in Derby!

Whilst we do specialise in optimising sites for Google, we can also help with all of your marketing, from pay per click to branding and printing.

 We strive to get you results in the most efficient way possible and we aren’t afraid to give our opinion if something won’t work!

Below you will see the stats from one of our client sites. Take a look over it, you will see that visitor numbers have increased, but more importantly to us, the amount of transactions, revenue and unique purchases have also increased. Making for a very happy client!

What Happens in a DLZ Design SEO Marketing Campaign?

Keyword Research

Any SEO marketing campaign should start with an understanding of the business and of course the customers. Keyword research is the process of analysing the words and phrases which are being used to find the relevant product or service. It is then important to understand the intent behing the search, ie will that search lead to a sale and will it be profitable?

This is one of the most critical parts of an SEO campaign, as it guides much of the work such as content creation. This content will bring you the targeted, qualified customers which are essential to online success.

On-site website optimisation

 Your website is the central tool for your online marketing campaign. It is important that your website ticks the boxes which the search engines look for. For example it should be fast to load, responsive, and laid out to the best practice guidelines. In some cases, a new web design is needed in order to tick all of these boxes. Other websites just need some tweaking which can be done by us, or by your own web developer. Check out Web Design Leicester or Web Design Derby.

Once the keyword research is done and your website is ticking those boxes, tweaks to the website content and focus can lead to some quick search engine ranking gains. This often involves optimising meta titles/descriptions, optimising copy and improving internal linking.

Optimised Content Creation

Great content not only helps to sell to the customer, it also helps sell to Google and to indicate that your website is an authority on it’s subject. If your content doesn’t say exactly what you do, neither Google, nor your customer will be willing to give you a chance. Our content creation can be anything from writing relevant, newsworthy blogs which customers will read and engage with, to adding extra product or service descriptions. It is important that any content which we research and create for you matches the tone of your business. Some like to be informal, whilst others need to maintain a serious professionalism. Creating content which Google loves is a core part of successful SEO.

Authority building (link building)

Off-Site SEO is another fundamental part of a good campaign. Links are the building block of any authoritative website. The aim is to get related, authoritative websites and blogs to link to you. Google views this as a vote in confidence in your website and so will be more likely, assuming all of the other pieces of the puzzle are in place, to rank your website.

Link building gets a bad press, however done in the correct way, it is totally white hat. Outreach is making sure that other website owners are aware of your business, meaning that they will link to you. News articles and feature content is created to be published on these other websites which will contain links back to you. You will benefit from traffic directly from those pages, plus the increase in authority and improved rankings which comes from the link.

Bad link building from low quality sites, or spam domains can cause serious issues which will harm your website, and even mean it can be removed from Google entirely. None of the work which we carry out will ever put your site at risk like this.

SEO Case Studies

Quick SEO Gains for Derby based E-Commerce Business

Want to know how we grew this Derby e-commerce business revenue by 25% within one month?

Record black friday and november 2018 for furniture company with DLZ SEO Campaign

54% increase in sales for furniture company in competitive industry!

Does My Small Business Need SEO?

Some businesses can tick along just fine without SEO Services, even without a website. But some businesses want to do more than just tick along. We enjoy working with ambitious business who want to grow, make money and prosper! An SEO Strategy can take things to the next level, helping to increase your traffic and keep your team busy with orders and leads.

If you are a small local business in a place like our hometown of Ashby de la Zouch, or if you based in a city like Derby targeting a wider market, it is important to make sure that potential customers know you exist. For example and SEO campaign in Derby might also target Derbyshire towns such as Alfreton, Ashbourne, Bakewell, Belper, Heanor, Ilkeston, Matlock, Ripley, Swadlincote, and perhaps also other surrounding towns such as Burton upon Trent, Ashby de la Zouch etc.

Even local businesses like cafes can benefit massively from a Derby SEO campaign. Think of visitors to the area searching on their mobile phone, they will visit the coffee shops appearing on Google maps! That needs to be you!

Does my business need to be social?

Some small business owners love social media. Posting updates about new products, things happening in their shops, even things which seem irrelevant to their business. Others don’t even have a Facebook account and don’t see the value.

What the others don’t know, is that an active social media account can be a clear indicator to search engines that this business knows their stuff, and has something valuable to say. So can give a boost to your seo campaign. This ranking factor can give them the edge when competing with a company who isn’t active.

Not only that, but it gives a captive audience who could well be interested in purchasing that new item which you share on Twitter!

We can help with your social media marketing, with a little help from you, we can share timely, optimised posts across all mediums which will build your followers, push your brand and help to incerease sales!