Ecommerce SEO Agency Gets 25% Increase in Revenue Within 1 Month For Small Business Client

Case study on how DLZ Design increased revenue for a small business Ecommerce SEO client by 25% within the first month of the campaign!

Huge Revenue Boost for ecommerce seo client

SEO is a long term investment. However, sometimes, we can get huge gains very quickly. Find out how we took this e-commerce website, and with some small tweaks increased their revenue by 25% within the first month of our campaign.

Huge SEO Gains for Derby Company

Company Background

This particular company are an established brand within a niche market. They sell worldwide from their UK warehouse and use various sales channels. We redesigned their ecommerce website a few months before the campaign. At the time of the redesign and conversion optimisation they received a pretty impressive boost in sales. Back then they were not looking for a significant increase in sales and so didn’t undertake an ecommerce seo campaign. However, after some discussions, we commenced the campaign in September 2018.

Ecommerce SEO Objective

Our brief was simple, generate more sales. We worked closely with the company to establish areas of their product range where they would like to achieve this growth. We always feel that it is important to help our clients to grow in the right areas, eg areas of high margins.

There are some competitors who have taken the lead in the market with seo campaigns, it is important to the client that we take control of some of the key specialist keywords.

Our Strategy

Our keyword research areas was and still is extensive, identifying keywords which the website already ranks for, but can be improved and also keywords of value which they don’t rank for.

Once those initial target keywords were established we started optimising the content on the website itself. As we had designed and developed this ecommerce website, we knew that the site was structurally sound. There were some big gaps in content though, so we started creating optimised content for the main site pages category pages and landing pages.

We also started on content outreach campaign and managed to get featured on one of the largest authority websites in one of the target markets.


We have already mentioned that this e-commerce SEO campaign achieved a 23.35% increase in revenue in the first month. You can see from the headline figures that the number of transactions only increased by 4.47%. One of our core values is achieving our client goals, not just getting more traffic to a website. The traffic needs to be targeted, and profitable. We target relevant key phrases which have real purchasing intent in order to improve important statistics such as average order value, which increased by 18.07%.

The return on investment from this seo campaign, even in the first months is considerable. The 23.35% extra revenue amounts to a £7,551.25 increase in sales.


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