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A no-nonsense, straight talking PPC Agency to help increase sales or leads for your business. The grass really is greener on this side!

Free Google Adwords Audit

PPC Management Company from the Online Growth Specialists

Across all of our services, we pride ourselves in our straight talking approach, and our PPC management is no different. The success of our clients is our top priority and we use a variety of techniques to help achieve our clients’ goals.

Free PPC Audit

The first stage of any campaign is a comprehensive audit of your current PPC performance. This alone will give you valuable insights into your strategy, keywords, wasted spend and quality score.

We can also discuss your goals, market trends and other valuable marketing insights with you.

At the end of this process, we can finalise an initial plan to optimise your PPC campaign and the strategy moving forward.

Our PPC Strategy

Every company we work with is different. Sometimes PPC is the main marketing effort, whilst for other businesses it is a minor top up to a wider SEO and online marketing campaign.

As soon as the account issues are fixed, we work on a data driven, continuous improvement model. Our aim is to place your ads in front of the right people, not as many people as possible. This helps to reduce wasted ad spend and increase conversions into paying customers for your business.

We produce regular reports to show you improvements which we have made to your account and also actions which we have taken.

Growth & Diversification

Part of the continuous improvement of our campaigns involves exploring new areas in order to help your business grow further.

This may involve targeting new keywords which use slightly different terminology, or even expanding your business into new markets. One of the key advantages of PPC marketing using Google Adwords Marketing is that you can test keywords relatively quickly and with minimal investment before you launch an SEO campaign or even further investments into your business in terms of stock or processes.

Our experience in online marketing means that we are in a perfect place to help advise clients on how best to achive growth goals.

As a specialist online marketing agency, we know that PPC can be a significant part of a growing your business online, our aim is to help you achieve the growth through PPC and a range of other online marketing techiques.