Furniture Company Sees 54.37% Increase in November sales with DLZ SEO Campaign

Case study to show November 2018 results of a furniture company in very competitive market competing against much larger companies.

SEO for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


When operating in a competitive market, it is very important to set the correct budget, too low and you might just tread water, too high and you may not be able to cope with orders or your margin might not be high enough to maintain. This company got it just right, November 2018 broke lots of sales records, and with black Friday and Cyber Monday being even bigger than ever in the UK making your website competitive can make a huge difference to your business!

Furniture Company SEO


Company Background

This company have been trading online for a few years now, but have struggled to establish themselves in a very competitive market. We didn’t develop their website, but working alongside their web developers we were able to advise on a number of improvements. This alongside our SEO campaign has given a 54.37% increase in sales and a 49.41% improvement in conversion rate. We believe that there is still lots of work to do!


Ecommerce SEO Objective

As always, the brief was to improve sales. With a relatively modest budget, and coming up against some huge competition, this hasn’t been easy. Conversion rate was very low and so it was essential to make improvements on this in order to increase sales as well as driving more traffic to the site.


Our Strategy

Keyword research is always essential. As this market is so competitive we tried wherever possible to think outside the box in order to find areas which were slightly less competitive.

As with lots of ecommerce seo campaigns, there were lots of unoptimised category and product pages with thin content which we felt was important to rectify on an ongoing basis.

The website had various errors and speed issues which we advised the developer on fixing.



November was a huge month for this company and by far their biggest month since they started trading online. For a relatively small fish in a big pond we are all very pleased with the progess made on this seo campaign!

SEO for furniture company

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