Client Referral Scheme

Earn yourself £100 in cold hard cash! Plus other benefits. Interested? Read on…

Help a friend by recommending them to a great web designer, whilst earning some cash!

How It Works

Speak to your Friend

Knowledge is money, when you find out that your friend is in need of we new website recommend DLZ and say that we will be contacting them. Then fill in the form below.

We Sign them up

After finding out their requirements, we get them signed up, create a beautiful, money making website. Once final payment is made, you get your cash!

Feeling Flush!

Whether it’s a Fancy haircut, some new threads, or something sensible. You can spend your money as you wish. You can then find another friend in need of a website!

The Deal

For DLZ Clients

If you are an existing DLZ Design client, you can choose from £100.00, or 3 hours of maintenance/updates on your site (worth £150.00).

For External Referrals

If you aren’t an existing client of DLZ Design and you make a successful referral, you get the £100.00 paid into your bank account.

A Successful Referral

In order to get your reward, your referral must meet the following criteria:

  • You must fill in the form below before the client contacts us. We will then contact the client on the details given.
  • The referred client must sign up for, and pay for a website package in full. Other services are not part of our referral scheme at this point.
  • You do not work for, or are not related to the referred client/business
  • Your referral payment will be made upon the final balance being received from the client
  • Referrals are not valid for projects below £1000 in value

Fill in the Form!

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